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Lucia - The Rape of Lucretia - Glyndebourne Touring Opera

Ellie Laugharne as… Lucia excel(s) as their ghostly female counterparts.
The Independent, Michael Church

Ellie Laugharne and Catherine Wyn-Rogers play the handmaidens gracefully.
The Telegraph, Rupert Christiansen

Ellie Laugharne’s Lucia complete(s) the nicely balanced female palette.
The Times, Hilary Finch

Ellie Laugharne’s lively, bright Lucia and Catherine Wyn-Rogers pure-toned Bianca suggested honest, uncomplicated friendship and love within the female domain.
Opera Today

Sandrina - La Finta Giardiniera - Buxton Opera Festival

The ensemble singing and acting are first rate, with Ellie Laugharne in the title role. The soprano and tenor of Ellie Laugharne and Andrew Kennedy were exceptionally strong casting: she's still at the beginning of what should be a remarkable career.

Laugharne seemed to have wandered in from another TV programme, as her touching and delicate lamenting threaded its way through the piece… miraculously, (she) managed to elicit our sympathy for a character whose plight was, to a certain extent, self-inflicted. Laugharne and Kennedy created a believable spark between them, no matter what other craziness was going on. Planet Hugill

Top-quality standards, too, are to be found among the seven principals. Ellie Laugharne's Violante is vital in tone and emotionally spirited. The Guardian

Ellie Laughame's Violante/Sandrina provided excellent counterbalance to all this frivolity with great singing.

Ellie Laugharne as The Marchesa Violante… acted with conviction and sang with a warm soprano. Seenandheard-international

In the title role, Ellie Laugharne makes an attractive Violante

Mabel - The Pirates of Penzance - Scottish Opera

As the lovely Mabel, Ellie Laugharne’s upward-spiralling arias were spot-on.
The Daily Record

Ellie Laugharne had a lovely way with the coloratura, light and delicate while still retaining lots of charm… probably the highlight of the whole show.'
Seen and Heard International

Ellie Laugharne as Mabel in particular does a brilliant job playing-it-straight amongst the madness.

Mabel of Ellie Laugharne led them with energy, commitment, humour, and a focussed voice.

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Barbarina - Le Nozze di Figaro - Glyndebourne Tour

Ellie Laugharne is a delight as a mini-skirted, all-singing, all-dancing Barbarina.
The Times

It is also certainly worth mentioning the impressive talent of Ellie Laugharne, as Barbarina, as while she has one of the smaller rôles within the piece her voice is sublime and she plays her comic rôle perfectly. Never overshadowing the main players, she adds perfectly to the unfolding story.

Ellie Laugharne sexy as a Mary Quantesque Barbarina

Ellie Laugharne's Barbarina is prettily pert.

Ellie Laugharne an unaffected Barbarina.
The Financial Times, Hannah Nepil

Jerwood Young Artist Recital - Brighton Festival, Pavilion Theatre

In just one hour we experienced joy, love, sorrow, pain and infidelity and we believed every minute of it. The enchanting Ellie Laugharne's elastic and infinitely flexible soprano voice adapted to whatever she sang - a bewitching Susanna in particular.

Tytania - A Midsummer Night's Dream - Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Eleanor Laugharne…a sexy, seductive Tytania, all legs and suspenders ready to entwine the unsuspecting Bottom. Her soprano has a gleaming top and she negotiates the tricky leaps Britten writes for her with ease.

Eleanor Laugharne (Tytania) achieved a delightful combination of disquieting vocal purity and operatic sensuality.

Laugharne’s Tytania is assured and queenly - the standout vocal performance of the evening - controlling a rather heavier voice than Britten’s writing suggests with absolute musicality.

Eleanor Laugharne’s Tytania... sparkling high notes.

Any of the first night's cast could walk onto any of the world's famed opera houses to deliver their roles. Eleanor Laugharne is a very strong Tytania; her vocal technique is rock solid. She effortlessly tackles Tytania's difficult flourishes and big leaps to the top notes... and she is fully convincing dramatically.

Tytania was Eleanor Laugharne; rather more overtly sexy than many Tytanias. Laugharne combined this with a attractive lyric voice... richly attractive with a lively stage personality and she clearly has a strong technique, the various vocal flurries of the role seem to hold no terrors for her. She and Oberon had a believably volatile, sparky relationship.

There was one particular stand-out vocal performance from Eleanor Laugharne as a confident, queenly Tytania. 

One especially noteworthy, staggering performance from Eleanor Laugharne as Queen Tytania. artsdesk 

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Susanna - Le Nozze di Figaro - British Youth Opera 

If I were booking talent, I'd make a beeline for Ellie Laugharne's dressing room armed with a contract: her Susanna was sung with imagination, charm and real individuality. Neil Fisher The Times 

Ellie Laugharne sparkles as the clever and mischievous Susanna. 

Ellie Laugharne... has a really strong and magnetic stage presence that reminded me of a young Joyce DiDonato. Opera Now